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Characteristics of Successful Property Investors


As a Real Estate Trainer cum Investor, I’ve met thousands of property investors at all levels of knowledge and experience over the last 25+ years. Successful property investors I’ve known include school dropouts and degree holders, people of all races and backgrounds, people who started investing while still in college and those who started in…


How to Avoid Costly Property Investment Mistakes

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Real estate investments enable you to accumulate wealth and to reach your financial goals within a desired time frame. Unfortunately, novice investors who lack an understanding of the common real estate investment pitfalls can easily lose instead of making money. Before jumping in, it’s extremely important to understand and avoid the main causes of failure….


The 6 Golden Rules of Success

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Many of us are familiar with a lot of success philosophies such as Napoleon Hill’s 17 success principles and that of other self-help gurus. I have been doing financial seminars since 1998 and through my observations of many successful people, I realized that there are 6 essential ingredients or what I call the 6 Golden…


Benefits of Buying Properties from Developers

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There are essentially two ways of buying properties. You can book brand new units that are under construction from developers (some do sell brand new completed units) or you can buy older properties from the resale market. Here, we shall examine the advantages of buying from developers.   1. Opportunity to Buy “Cheap” You are…