Life is meant to be Celebrated!

When you graduate from our 3 Day Advance Training Program, we want nothing more but to Congratulate You & Celebrate with You.

We celebrate You for who You are.

We celebrate You for Your Courage.

We celebrate You, because You are finally on the Right Path towards Your Financial Freedom.

A Guru with Over 25 years of Proven Track Record!

Milan Doshi built his Property Empire valued at OVER RM 40,000,000 by following a simple Set of Guiding Principles.

This Set of Guiding Principles are Guaranteed to Coach You on how to:

    1. Lead an Extraordinary and Wealthy Life
    2. Create INFINITE Income from Your Property Investments
    3. And Spread Wealth to create More Multi-Millionaires

And if you follow these principles to the dot, You will ONLY SUCCEED.

That is why You Must take the Next Big Step Forward and Learn “How You Can Sack Your Boss in Less than 10 Years!

The Most Comprehensive Street Smart Investment Program ever designed

What You will experience in the program is a REPEATED Success Story that Stood The Test of Time.

Milan Doshi’s gift to You is an Invaluable Vault of Knowledge after years and years of coaching since 1998.

This Holistic Property Investment Program is SURE to Guide You Step-by-step towards Your Freedom as a Millionaire Landlord.
With over 25 years of experience of investing in the real estate market, Milan Doshi is Definitely the Right Coach You have been looking for.

Challenge Yourself in our Unique Real Life Simulator of Games and Case Studies

In these 3 days, you will experience and learn the Latest and Most Effective Methods in the world of Real Estate Investment.

Milan will Personally Coach You through Real Life investing issues simulated within the classroom, carefully crafted through extensive research and compilation of experience from all his Successful students!
Prepare Yourself for Loads of Mind-Blowing activities!

Discover Great Investment Opportunities through a Hands-On Learning Environment

Learn and identify great investment opportunities while in Your Real Life Case Study

Start Making Money Even Before You finish the program!

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Advance 3 Days Workshop Gallery

The Only Property Investment Program You ever need to attend

A showcase program for anyone who is serious in becoming a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Tycoon, this 3 days program goes far beyond a simple demonstration or lecture.

Upon graduating, You will immediately know how to best use Milan Doshi’s Absolute Principles and Investment Methods to become a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Tycoon.

Never before have these Essential real estate investment lessons come to Alive in a way that can only inspire success!

Towards the end of this program, we could guarantee You that all You would be thinking of is “I wish I had attended much much earlier so that by now I would have been a Multi-Millionaire!”

It is said that if we are not learning or growing, then we are most definitely dying.

Over the course of more than 25 years, Milan has continuously refined and enhanced this Mind-breaking and Comprehensive 3 Day Property Investment Program.

With that confidence, Milan gives You his Personal Guarantee that Success is ensured for those who are interested in making that journey to the very highest levels of financial success.

This 3 Day Program is Specially Designed to help You discover a wealth of real estate investing tools & strategies custom-made for today’s market conditions, including:

    • Acquire the Secrets of Achieving Great Wealth in both the Real Estate and Stock Market.
    • Learn Sound, Practical and Proven Financial Planning & Investment Strategies.
    • Save Hundreds of Thousands of $$ off Your Property Loans… and how to intelligently re-use the money for investment purposes.
    • Upgrade Your Financial IQ and Investment Skills by 3-5 years.
    • Transform Yourself into a Smart Investor and Ultimately into a Wealthy Investor.
    • Become Your Own Fund Manager.
    • Discover Your Risk Profile… and Your Financial Strengths and Weaknesses.
    • Be Mentally, Emotionally and Financially ready for the next Stock Market Bull Run
    • MOST IMPORTANTLY… How to Retire Young and Rich with at least RM3 million in property loans.
    • and many more


  • By the end of the first day, I’ve already saved at least 10 times the amount I paid for this course! IF not More!
    Jehan Miskin
    Jehan Miskin
    Popular actor/film director & business owner
  • Milan’s Holistic Investment Program is One of the few events I would Personally Recommend to my family and friends
    Ken Tsurumaru
    Ken Tsurumaru
    Co-Founder of Catcha Group & Former CEO of Group
  • In just about an hour, I knew Milan was the guy who has done it and has a SUCCESS FORMULA. Also, he put me at ease with the idea of borrowing money and so I decided I definitely need to learn more from Milan. That was my First Step.
    Jean-Paul Valdes
    Jean-Paul Valdes
    Organizational Change Consultant, Coach and Trainer