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Thousands of People become Millionaires through Property Investment every year.

They Started by Believing in themselves and having the Right Mentor and Financial Coach to Guide them on their Path to Financial Freedom.

Are You too looking for the Right Mentor to Guide You Step-By-Step to the Life You DESERVE?

Are You Ready to Finally Break Free from the Rat Race?


We have been brought up with many misconceptions about money such as work hard, save hard and never borrow money.

But what if these very “values” are exactly what held You back from achieving Your full potential?

In 3 short hours, Your Life as You Know it will change forever.

This simple course by Milan Doshi will Change Your Perceptions about money and borrowing money for property investment Forever.


“Riches within Your Reach” will equip You with the Right and ESSENTIAL Mindset to be the Next Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

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In 3 short hours, Milan Doshi will Personally share with you:

    • The 6 Golden Principles to kick-start an Awesome adventure of property investment
    • Why You MUST Borrow Money especially when You do not need to
    • The TOP 10 Strategies that he uses to Make Millions from the Malaysian Property Market
    • How to Make a profit of 15% or more in less than 6 months
    • His Ultimate SECRETS to achieving wealth in real estate in today’s market


  • By the end of the first day, I’ve already saved at least 10 times the amount I paid for this course! IF not More!
    Jehan Miskin
    Jehan Miskin
    Popular actor/film director & business owner
  • Milan’s Holistic Investment Program is One of the few events I would Personally Recommend to my family and friends
    Ken Tsurumaru
    Ken Tsurumaru
    Co-Founder of Catcha Group & Former CEO of Group
  • We attended Milan’s course way back in 2004. It blew our Minds and Changed Our Entire Mindset. From being a Girlfriend that is a Liability to My Boyfriend, I became an Asset to My Husband! We achieved Financial Freedom in 2010. My husband is now jobless and focuses entirely on Property Investments. What we achieved in the last 10 years is all due to Milan. Frankly speaking, he is our Best Guru!
    Joey Boey & KK Teh
    Joey Boey & KK Teh
    Accumulated 15 Properties worth over RM6 million in less than 7 years
  • Since I was looking to buy a property, one of my friends HIGHLY RECOMMENDED me to attend Milan’s “Riches within Your Reach.” The 3 things I gained: 1) All My Burning Questions Answered 2) My Mental Barriers Crumbled 3) My Life Enriched! A Million Thanks, Milan!”
    Deva Kumaran
    Enlightened Property Investor
  • In just about an hour, I knew Milan was the guy who has done it and has a SUCCESS FORMULA. Also, he put me at ease with the idea of borrowing money and so I decided I definitely need to learn more from Milan. That was my First Step.
    Jean-Paul Valdes
    Jean-Paul Valdes
    Organizational Change Consultant, Coach and Trainer