10X Your Wealth within 10 years from the US Stock Market!

Did You Make Compounded Returns of over 25% pa on Your Investments over the last 7 Years?

If Your Answer is No, Read this Very Important Message by Best-Selling Author and Financial Educator, Milan Doshi.

I am sure you, your family members and friends are active Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users. Very likely, you will be checking your various accounts numerous times every day. Many of us can’t imagine what life would be like without these social media tools. In case you are unaware, Facebook owns both Instagram and WhatsApp.

Let’s assume you had bought Facebook shares when it went public in May 2012 at US$40. With the price on 31 July 2019 at US$190, Your Compounded Return will be 24.0% per annum over 7.25 years!

Let’s not forget the additional money you would have made on the Ringgit Depreciation. In May 2012, the Malaysian Ringgit was trading at 3.17 against the US$. On 31 July 2019 it’s was at 4.18. The Compounded Depreciation of 3.9% per annum over 7.25 years would have boosted Your Total Return to 27.9% per annum!

This gives a Fantastic Combined Compounded Return of over 25% per annum! This is just one simple example of the sort of returns you can make investing in the US Stock Market.

If you had not done anything to diversify some of your investments out of Malaysia, you have been poorer by 3.9% per annum over the past 7.25 years or 28.1%! Isn’t it surprising that when Malaysians travel overseas, even to neighbouring countries like Thailand, our money doesn’t get us very far.

What I find shocking is that many local investors are not taking advantage of these fantastic opportunities to Multiply Their Wealth Safely and Surely at High Rate of Returns! They are still stuck in the old way of investing in Properties, Mutual Funds and the local Stock Market. What they are lack is the Right Know-How and Know-Who.

In fact, the combined market capitalization of the 5 Biggest US companies Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Alphabet (formerly Google) and Amazon out of the 5,000+ listed US companies will far exceed the entire market capitalization of both the Malaysian and Singapore stock market which comprises of over 1,000 companies.

When you travel overseas, you have to bring your passport along. However, your money doesn’t need a “passport” for it to work overseas.

Wouldn’t it be better to invest in companies whose Businesses are Open, and Generating Sales and Profits 24/7, 365 days a year from all over the world? In contrast, local blue chips like Maybank and Public Bank are only open for business Mondays to Friday from 9 am – 5pm.

Still Not Convinced?

Let’s take look at another fantastic company Booking.com, the world’s largest Accommodation, Flight and Car Rental Booking Platform. Its share price has appreciated from $460 on 1 January 2012 to $1,980 in 31 July 2019 giving a Compounded Return of 20.6% per annum!

Online Travel Agency (OTA) like Booking.com charge around 18% commission to hotels for guests booking accommodation through their platform. If you are booking a RM200 per night hotel room, RM36 goes to these booking sites and your booking process is over in less than 5 minutes.

Do you think the hotel is making a Net Profit of 18% or RM36 per room when they have to provide the physical infrastructure, housekeeping, utilities, breakfast and numerous other services to their guests who will stay in the hotel for more than 12 hours?

That’s why the market capitalization of these OTA’s are much higher than long established global hotel brands like Hyatt, Hilton and others.

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And the Best Part is …

The US Stock Market has Numerous Instruments that allows You to Profit regardless of whether the markets are going up, down or sideways.

In fact, You Can Make More Money Faster On The Way Down Than On The Way Up!

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Milan Doshi
Best-Selling Author
Financial Educator
Property and Stock Investor
Certified Financial Planner

Speaker Profile

Milan Doshi is the Best-Selling Author “How You Can Get Rich from the Property and Stock Markets” and “How You Can Become a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor!”

He has been running programs on Personal Money Management, Property and Stock Market since 1998. He has spoken to over 250,000 people and has over 10,000 graduates.

Milan’s mission is to “Inspire People to Improve Their Financial Intelligence and Achieve their Full Potential”. Over the years, he has helped thousands of his graduates discover their Unique Investment Profiles and Make Money through Smart Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies.

As a seasoned speaker and expert on investing with over 25 years of both good and bad experiences, Milan will completely change your Mindset towards Money and Investments… and put You on a Stronger Financial Footing. His talks are humorous, down to earth and easy for everyone to grasp complex investment terms.

10X Your Wealth within 10 years from the US Stock Market Workshop

Date : 23 FEB 2020 (Sun)
Time: 3PM – 5PM
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