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Seasoned Wealth Coach, Financial Educator, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and Investing Expert with over 25 years of both good and bad experiences in both the Real Estate and Stock Markets.

Founder of Malaysia’s First and Biggest Financial Program on Personal Money Management, Property and Stock Market Investments since 1998.

Empowered over 5,000 graduates to discover their Unique Investment Profiles, Make Money through Tactical Asset Allocation and Smart Investment Strategies.

Touch the lives of over 100,000 people through talks at various public events.

Milan Doshi

Uplifting thousands Since 1998

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Investment Partnership

Lack the expertise, too busy to invest, but still want to make High Tax-Free Returns in US$’s?

You can partner with Milan, and he’ll help you to Earn High Returns using the US Options Market.


Wealth Coaching

Need Independent Financial Advice to get to from where you are today, to where you want to be in the next 3 to 5 years?

Enroll in his premium mentorship program where you will be Coached on a one-to-one basis towards achieving all your financial goals in the shortest possible time.

Midas Profits ETF Intensive

Signature Program created by Milan to master the skills of Investing in US listed Exchange Trade Funds (ETF’s).

Live Trading sessions, over 7 Different Asset Allocation Models, and more than 100 hours per month of the latest research and investment opportunities.

Best-Selling Investment Books by Milan Doshi

Want to level up your investing skills and take your wealth to a whole other level?

Read Milan’s two best-selling books on investments.

Retire Rich, Retire Early by Milan Doshi

Retire Rich, Retire Early

Discover the 21 Costly Mistakes Amateur Investors make, so you don’t fall for the same traps that’ll cost you everything. 


Noteworthy Reviews

Some Of The Kind Words Said About Milan Doshi

Milan is an incredible educator, he was the person who instilled the importance for me to be financially savvy. Thank you Milan for all your advice and guidance. If you are looking for a person to grow your wealth, Milan is the person for you!

Timothy Liew

Co-Founder Visata Creative Sdn Bhd

“The knowledge Milan shared is invaluable for both ‘rookie’ investors as well as experienced investors. Milan has done a great job explaining the investment jargon and intricacies in plain understandable terms. It’s worth your investment many times over.”

Kelvin Tan

Former Deputy GM, Stock Broking Firm

I learnt more in a day about the property and stock market and different types of investments from Milan than in the last 10 years. His courses just opened-up all the possibilities for me. Now I know what to consider before I make another investment.”

Ong TC

International Consultant

“Milan is Malaysia’s very own “Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen & Warren Buffett” packed in one. If you want to learn how it’s done… and shorten your learning curve by 3-5 years …Then I wholeheartedly recommend Milan.”

Susan Tan

Marketing Director FMCG Industry

“Milan’s seminar is the  MOTHER of all Financial Seminars! If you want to get wealthy in the shortest possible time, master personal money management, property & stock market investments, Milan can help you get there.”

Abdul Malik

Management Consultant