Why the Older Generation Can SAVE Money While the Younger Generation Cannot …

✅ Older generation: Drinking tap water

✅ Older generation owning dogs: Feeding leftovers
❌ Younger generation owning dogs: Grooming, snacks, supplements, clothes, toys, doghouses

✅ Older generation: One pot
❌ Younger generation: THERMOMIX, INNOCHEF, slow cooker, saucepan, frying pan, milk pan, enamel pot, non-stick pan, glass pot, clay pot, air fryer

✅ Older generation: Eating to be full
❌ Younger generation: OMAKASE, STEAMBOAT, Korean BBQ, Western cuisine, Chinese cuisine, diet meals, three-tiered afternoon tea, BBQ, seafood, BUFFET…

✅ Older generation: Bar of soap
❌ Younger generation: Lotion, eye cream, face cream, sunscreen, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, skincare and haircare products, mascara, contact lenses…

✅ Older generation: Don’t let the children suffer
❌ Younger generation: Can’t afford to suffer themselves

✅ Older generation: Saving money, just in case
❌ Younger generation: Can’t even afford enough for themselves

✅ Older generation: Earning money to buy houses and cars for their children
❌ Younger generation: Children and grandchildren have their own fortunes, I’ll enjoy mine

✅ Older generation: Turn on the TV and watch
❌ Younger generation: Watch ads, subscribe to Netflix, Amazon TV

✅ Older generation: Walk or ride a bicycle to buy things
❌ Younger generation: Order delivery

✅ Older generation’s exercise: Going for a jog in the park
❌ Younger generation: Spend money on a gym membership

And Most Importantly:

✅ Older generation – If there’s nothing to do, make money
❌ Younger generation – If there’s nothing to do, spend money

Have I missed out any other points❓